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Instructions to configure your Next Level IPTV.



Windows And Mac Applications With Catch Up & Multi View


  1. Make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources is enabled”:  Navigate to your Fire TV Settings.
    Then scroll over to “My Fire TV”, then down to “Developer Options”. Under Developer Options
    make sure that “Apps From Unknown Sources” is enabled and turned on.2. Install “Downloader” application: Perform a search on your Amazon Fire TV search bar
    for the application called “DOWNLOADER”. Select and install downloader to your device.3. Download the Next Level Tv Application: Launch the recently installed Downloader Application.
    Once it is open you will see a URL address bar for you to enter the location of the file you
    wish to download. Select the URL Target bar and enter the following URL:Next Level S: http://get.nextleveliptv.net/
    Next Level X: http://getx.nextleveliptv.net/

    4. Install the Next Level App Application: After you have successfully downloaded your preferred
    application to your device it will automatically ask if you wish to install the application.
    You must push the down button on the remotes directional pad and select “INSTALL”
    on the bottom right. After it has completed the installation it will return you to the downloader
    application you were previously in. It will ask if you wish to delete the Installation APK File you
    just downloaded. Select “YES”. You do not need this file any longer and this will conserve space
    on your device.

    5. Set the Next Level app to the top of the list: Now that the application has been successfully
    installed on your device there is one last step to ensure easy access to the application.
    Navigate to the main home screen of your Fire TV Device. Then scroll down until you see
    “Your Apps and Channels”. Then scroll all the way over to the right until you come to the
    end and land on the button that says “See all–>” and select it. You will then be taken to a
    screen that has all of the installed applications listed. You need to scroll all the way down to
    the very bottom until you see the Next Level application.
    Highlight the app but DO NOT SELECT IT. Instead you must press the three lines button
    on your firestick remote located directly next to the home button. This will bring up a sub-menu.
    Scroll to the second option that says “Move to front” and select it. This has now moved the
    application to the very front of the list and will put the app front and centre on your home screen
    for easy access.

    6. Launch and ENJOY!: Now all you have to do is launch the application,
    Login with the username and password credentials listed above and enjoy our service!

  • Install Fileslinked from https://www.filelinked.com
  • Once Installed to your device open the application
  • Enter Code: 11359808 with pin number 0000
  • A list of applications will appear
  • Select application and install.
  • Refer to the instructions below for set up.
  • Open Kodi
  • Select TV
  • Select Enter add-on browser
  • Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Select Configure
  • Select General
  • If you have a URL for your m3u list set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)
  • Then Select M3U Play List URL
  • Enter the URL of your M3U Play List and select OK
  • If you have an M3U text file stored locally on your network/computer/box then set the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)
  • Then Select M3U Play List URL
  • Navigate to where the file is stored and select it
  • Select OK
  • Select Enable
  • Wait for notification of channels loaded
  • Now when you go back to the Home Screen and select TV.
  • You shall have the channels now then !

1- Download the following app


APP LINK : demo

2- Follow these steps

1- Download the following app

2- Right above you see 3 parallel lines

3- Click on it
4- Remote playlist
5- Right side at the top (+) > Plus button or add button
6- Add M3U URL
7- PLAYLIST LINK : (Paste the one we give you after purchase)
8- Add
9- Click OK & Done

  • You will need to get the M3U link off us if you want to set up manually on your ZGemma or any other boxes.
  • Then follow the guide below


App required- (SMART IPTV APP)

Smart IPTV app- It is super easy, All you gotta do is install the SMART IPTV app and then you will get a MAC CODE on the screen.
Pass us the MAC code and we will upload the playlist from our side and then all you gotta do is restart the device.
Then you will see the changes and have them channels on the box.


1- Download Smart IPTV app on the device.

2- You will get the MAC address on the screen.

3- Pass us the MAC address through a support ticket and we will upload the playlist.

4- Restart the TV in 5 minutes and you will have the channels on the TV.


App required- (OTT PLAYER)

If you using SONY SMART TV then you need to download the OTT PLAYER from the store.
Then you gotta pass us the login credentials of the OTT PLAYER and then we upload the playlist.
Easy as that.