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Services Resumed.

Dear clients,                        We have successfully restored the steam’s with tv guide. We thank you for your patience in this matter. Next Level will not take on any new clients until all exciting clients are online and working. For all Android Users, please do the following:  If you have Next Level X: Please ... Leer Más

7th Oct 2019

Next Level Announcement 10/5

Dear Clients,                           Hope you are all well and in good health. We would like to welcome our new Next Level clients who joined up in the last few weeks. We wanted to email all our active clients a few factors in viewing our service. It’s very important all clients are aware of these and the terms ... Leer Más

5th Oct 2019

Service Update 10/2

Greetings clients, My name is Eddie and for all of you who don't know me, I am the Administrator of your Streaming service Next Level. This is a long overdue mass correspondence to all of our current active subscribers in an effort to help explain the events over the last 14 Days, the impact it has had on our platform, what we have done so ... Leer Más

2nd Oct 2019

Service Update 09/29

Dear Clients,                       We have successfully added our new cms and now taking orders from our website. We appreciate everyone’s patience; it was a long 10 days but we did it. Right now we only have USA only buy in coming days and weeks we will start getting more channels and adult etc.     Now please ... Leer Más

29th Sep 2019

Service Update 09/27

Dear Clients,                       Well it’s been another interesting 24 hours. We were 95% migrated about about an hour away from making the switch when an official update to the new panel was released.   Which was great at first because we were thinking it would fix all the bugs that we were still dealing with and ... Leer Más

27th Sep 2019

Service Update 09/25

Dear Clients,First let me start by giving you all a huge THANK YOU for being so patient and understanding during this incredibly challenging time in our companies history. I am writing you today to finally give you all a bit of good news that has been long overdue. Over the next 24-48 hours we will be migrating over to our new permanent ... Leer Más

26th Sep 2019

Service Update 09/23

Dear Clients,                        the panel we were using over the weekend went down the hill.So now we are switching to something else that will hopefully be much more stable. Will be down most of the day I’m afraid. Will keep you updated. As always thanks for your patience.       What we ask from you, our valuable ... Leer Más

23rd Sep 2019

Service Update 09/22

Dear Clients,                        Hope you are well and in good health, so we are successfully adding USA channels and they are running nicely, now we are working on the panel to connect your subscriptions to the streams for monthly access. Now this can take some time. We are trying to do this right, so it works long ... Leer Más

22nd Sep 2019

Service Update 09/21

Dear clients,                        Hope you are well and in good health, today we have started testing streams and we have about 77 channels on line now from the USA. This is phase one of our test, in coming days we will sort out issues and add more channels. This is a test phase only, I would recommend all clients ... Leer Más

21st Sep 2019

Service Update 09/20

Dear clients,                        Hope you are all well and in good health. So we have some exciting news. We have been able to successfully install a version of the tool required for iptv (older version for now). We are waiting on all DNS servers to be updates to do a final test. We are looking at slowing getting back ... Leer Más

20th Sep 2019