Service Update 09/21

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dear clients,

                       Hope you are well and in good health, today we have started testing streams and we have about 77 channels on line now from the USA. This is phase one of our test, in coming days we will sort out issues and add more channels. This is a test phase only, I would recommend all clients with an android device to make sure you have cleared all cache, data from your applications. Please make sure you are using the latest version on Next Level X.


You can download Next Level X from here:

Or Filelinked: 11359808 Password: 0000


We would recommend you make sure you are on the latest version of this application and please unplug both device and modem router from power for 10min and plug it in again for a nice clean clear connection.


Remember, this is a test phase, but you can start watching our channels. We are not fully operational yet, some devices may not be active yet but we are getting there. We are filtering out all issues as we go. EPG is not active yet, that will come at a later date but we are happy that we are moving forward. We have put a lot into this to get it to this stage.


We do not have full access to the new panel yet as its in test mode but once we send a notification email and an announcement to all out clients that we are fully operational, we will start assisting all client with any issues they may have.


Please do not contact us yet if you cannot access the test channels. We are on test mode.



What we ask from you, our valuable clients:


1.     Please be patient, we are in test mode and we are slowly getting fully operational.

2.     Keep an eye out on your emails and our announcements for any updates.

Next Level Team

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