Service Update 09/27

Friday, September 27, 2019

Dear Clients,

                      Well it’s been another interesting 24 hours. We were 95% migrated about about an hour away from making the switch when an official update to the new panel was released.


Which was great at first because we were thinking it would fix all the bugs that we were still dealing with and trying to fix ourselves before going live with it. But unfortunately, as soon as the update was made the panel went to complete crap. Nothing is functioning as it should. That happened about 3 hours ago. Approximately 30 mins ago I was finally contacted by a friend and fellow service owner of a different service and he told me fantastic news that will hopefully and finally buy an end to this absolutely nightmare the last 10 days have been.


We are now waiting to implement this new solution that (based on what I am being told) will bro plug and play from our previous database from before we went down. He’s saying it should be even BETTER than it was before xtream codes went down 10 days ago and I have no reason to not take him at his word. I am trying like hell to meet my original 24-48 hour deadline I gave you guys and hopefully I will still be able to do that. Regardless of what happens a few bits of information that should help you sleep a little better.

1. Yes the PPV boxing Spence VS Porter will be available and in high quality tomorrow night.
2. Yes we will have all of the NFL games on Sunday.
3. I have been averaging 3 hours of sleep per night working tirelessly with my team to restore this great service to what it was. And I will not stop until it does. Unfortunately I am traveling today due to a previously scheduled engagement but I am in constant contact with my team who are all working equally as hard to get us back up and running right. The current product that is being put out by Next Level makes me absolutely ill because it is so far below our standard. The service in its current state is certainly not that. But we will be up and running and stronger very very soon. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Hope you all are having a great Friday and have a great weekend. We will update you guys again very soon.


Thank you for your patience.


Next Level Team

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