Service Update 10/2

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Greetings clients, My name is Eddie and for all of you who don't know me, I am the Administrator of your Streaming service Next Level. This is a long overdue mass correspondence to all of our current active subscribers in an effort to help explain the events over the last 14 Days, the impact it has had on our platform, what we have done so far, what we are planning to do and what this all means for you!


Those of you who know me, know that I believe in being as transparent with our clients as possible. In an effort to continue that policy, this letter will be candid and honest. I simply don't believe in doing business any other way.


A lot of you are familiar with the events that took place on Wednesday September 18th. I am sure that the overwhelming majority of you are not. The company that provided the software panel to 95% of all IPTV services such as ours was shut down by Italian Authorities which caused their system to go completely offline. When this happened, it made it impossible for system administrators such as my self and my staff to control anything with our network infrastructure.


The panel allowed us to control everything with our business including all of our load balancing servers, our streams, even all of our clients service usernames and passwords/expiration dates were managed by this panel. Many services chose to stay online for days or even a week or more after this happened, basically just waiting for something to go wrong because when it did, they were unable to do anything about it. In an effort to secure our service and protect our clients I had absolutely no interest in staying connected while opening ourselves up to a number of security risks, so I made the executive decision to take our network offline as soon as it was confirmed that the Xtream-Codes System was indeed compromised.


A few very important side notes. At no time was any of our clients personal information in jeopardy. All of our client data is stored on a completely separate and highly secured system. This is why we issue randomly generated digit combinations for our service usernames and passwords so that if ever in the event of a data breach, all they would see are numbers. Protecting our clients privacy is our absolute number 1 priority and at no time was there a question of any personal data being leaked.


With the system completely offline we were now forced with a VERY difficult task. We had to find a new streaming platform that we could successfully migrate our extensive network on while continuing to maintain the very high quality content our brand has become so well known for. This is no easy task. Xtream-Codes was a pioneer in this industry opening the door to the very complex technology that makes services like ours possible. There were simply not very many options available on the market that could come close to providing us with the type of systems we require to maintain our network.


However we were not going to just quit and give up. That simply was never an option. After being completely down for about 72 hours we were able to re launch our services temporarily on an older non centralized platform. This was meant as more of a band-aid to get us by while we continued our search for the right platform. One of the problems we were and still are facing is that all of our content providers were also using the same panel system, so while we may have been able to get up and running, we still needed them to be up as well otherwise we would have no content to deliver. Needless to say, very little sleep has been had over the last two weeks while we continued our fight for survival.


Now for the good news! We believe that we have found our solution and we have successfully migrated over to the all new system. What does this mean for you exactly?


You may continue to experience connection issues with our servers until the Global DNS Propagation has completed and everything is resolving correctly. However, WE ARE UP AND RUNNING on the new platform. When we started Next Level, I didn't want to just be the cheapest (we are). I wanted to be the best.


We believed and still believe there is absolutely no reason you cant be both.  Many of you have been with us since the beginning. Most of you have not. However I am sure that all of you have been with us long enough to know, when it comes to quality, reliable and dependable streaming, we are second to none. I beg of you to PLEASE not hold the events of the last 2 weeks against us as there was simply NOTHING we could have done differently to prevent the recent downtime and lack of reliability and quality from occurring.


After taking the time to re evaluate our business model and offerings we have made the extremely difficult decision to remove most of our international/world channel categories. Moving forward we will dedicate 100% of our network bandwidth and resources to our core product offerings.


The following services WILL remain on our network:


1. All USA based Streams including all Live Sports, PPV, Entertainment, News, and Sports channel categories will remain.
2. Local Channel offerings which will include access to over 740 different local network affiliates located all over the nation. Chances will be very good that your local networks will be available on our service.
3. Canada/UK Entertainment Categories will remain in place.
4. All Latino categories will remain as well.

In addition to these offerings the very important features that you have all come to know and love about our services will eventually be returning as well.


These features include:
1. Live and accurate Electronic Program Guide
2. 3 Days of Catch-up on all of the most popular streams.
3. We will also be continuing our massive expansion of the extremely popular 24/7 Stream Categories including 24/7 Kids, 24/7 shows and 24/7 Movies.


As of the writing of this letter we have most of our USA streams operating at 100% with the exception of the local networks. We hope to have all of our channel offerings and features added back to your line up within the next 48-72 hours. All we ask is that you continue to be patient with us as our developers have been literally working around the clock to make sure we are able to continue delivering magic into your living room for less than the cost of a single gumball each day.

We know that unfortunately we may lose a lot of you during this time and you may chose to not renew your subscription. While that is unfortunate and we hate to lose any of our beloved clients, to all of the ones who continue to stay the course and stick it out during this rare and hard time in IPTV history, you will NOT be disappointed.


We have many exciting things planned and I look forward to serving you all for hopefully many years to come.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and once again I sincerely apologize for the delay in it being sent out.


Please note, that if you have recently submitted a support ticket on our website and your question/concern is directly addressed in this letter, you will not receive a response. All of our staff is working EXTREMELY hard at getting our services back to 100% and we simply do not have enough time in the day to respond to each and every one of your tickets. Thank you all for your continued support and dedication. You will never know how truly appreciated that support has been during all of this.



With Love, and god bless,



Next Level Hosting

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