Next Level Announcement 10/5

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Dear Clients,

                          Hope you are all well and in good health. We would like to welcome our new Next Level clients who joined up in the last few weeks. We wanted to email all our active clients a few factors in viewing our service. It’s very important all clients are aware of these and the terms so the team can use their valuable time on giving you better streams and service with an affordable solution. We need to streamline our services, maintenance and support. We can do this by asking for your help. All we need from our clients if to follow the factors below. The less support tickets we get from simple technical issues that can be solved easily by the end user the better we can perform and keep our costs down. If we can eliminate minor technical issues with the factors below, this will help us dramatically. We want to keep the costs down.


Please read all the factors below so you can help us give more time with our loved ones, give you a better service, support and allows us to add more channels to the service. The last 12 days has been a roller coaster ride. If you are new to Next Level and you missed out on the announcements in the last 2 weeks. Due to these events, a lot of companies have moved on, yet we are still here rebuilding from the ground up. Our new server kicked in on Monday the 30th of September and we are still tweaking and fixing minor bugs. But we are on top of things. For those clients who had Next Level before the outage will know, we had one of the best services on the market, things changed beyond our control on Sept 17th. Now we are coming back to be the best on the market with your help. As the channel sources become stable and available, we will add them daily. (update content in settings daily) If you are unaware of the issues what happened on Sept 17th, I recommend you read this announcement below first before reading the rest of this letter.







1.     If the service is down?

It’s important that if the website or service is down, we urge you not to panic. The website can get a lot of traffic and we are making changes in the background for a stable connection, so it could go down, but it will be back, so please be patient. Anyone who has used IPTV in the past is aware of this. We have technicians that always monitor the streams, therefore please allow few hours before contacting us.  By contacting us it will not make the service resume any faster, in fact you will slow us down. We will no longer respond to tickets or emails if the service goes down. If anything like this happens, wait or switch off your device and try it every 10 or 15 min. If the service is down for more than an hour, we will send out an email. Time to time we may need to do a quick server reboot. (we try to do this overnight) This is not because it’s overloaded, it because the connection needs to be cleared for better viewing. (just like your device needs rebooting) The webserver also has lot of visitors daily and it’s on a separate server. So, these things can happen. Our servers are well protected. So, no data can be taken or hacked. We have the best team of developers and best at what they do.


2.     Device Maintenance

Please maintain your device, especially your android and firesticks. You need to clear your cache once a week if not a fortnight. Also reboot your device and modem router too. By rebooting your modem router, it allows for a better connection. (like clearing cache) By doing this maintenance, you are solving a lot of issues such as buffering and lag. (we do not take any responsibility for any buffering or lag due to lack of device maintenance.) For a better result, unplug the modem and device from power for 10 minutes and then plug them in. (This will be a better option)



3.     Applications Supported

All firestick and android users are to use the latest and only version of Next Level X.
Why? Because we update our app regularly, and the latest version is optimized for the latest android and firestick devices. By having the latest version, you are solving a lot of issues. The latest version also has VLC player, which is the best player on the market. We also have added a recording feature. Please watch this video on how to use the recording feature:

This application also allows us to send our clients announcements. To update you need to uninstall your current version to install the latest version. To download go to:



4.     Service Login Details

We also get a lot of users asking for the lost usernames and passwords, these details are in your portal. So is your m3u links and invoices. Please make sure your login to your portal for these details. To retrieve your login details please login to your portal ( , go to Services > click active service > click iptv service details.
Here is how to video:


5.     Communication

The best way to get the latest news and announcements is to keep an eye on your registered emails (please read your emails from Next Level) and to read our announcement board from time to time. Please click below link for announcements:



6.     Channel line up

As most of you all know, we switched to the new server on Sunday the 28th, the DNS which connects your device application to our server took a few days to fully propagate, the propagation should now be completed and all clients should able to login other service without any issues. We are adding channels daily, and we are adding NFL and major sporting events. Just like your device maintenance, please update your channels by going to Settings and Content Update. (Next Level X), we are only adding channels as they are available and stable.


7.     EPG

EPG will be added soon, we are finalizing all the small bugs in the server. Once we are confident about the final outcome, we will add the EPG.


8.     USA Only Package

For the moment we only have USA only package, which means no other channels from Canada, UK, Latino are yet available. If you are seeing these categories and it’s getting annoying, you can disable these in the Next Level X application. Go to Settings > Parental control > pin 0000 and enable control. Select the categories you no longer want to see.



We thank you for your time and your patience for the last 2 weeks, we value your feedback and we hope to improve our services & support moving forward.


Have a great weekend


Next Level team

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